Ozark Trail Down Sleeping Bags

Made with soft polyester, the outer layer being a diamond ripstop material, the bag is both comfortable and durable. The zippers are sturdy, with no problems in the two years we have used them. Stay cozy even on the coldest nights of your camping or hiking trips with the Everest Mummy Sleeping Bag, +5F/-15C Degree.

ozark trail sleeping bag

All these things usually add up to costing more overall. The individual metrics we used to assess each sleeping bag are important to a good night’s sleep. They serve as a solid foundation in determining which bag is right for you. However, these metrics become the most helpful when you have a clear idea of the type of camping you plan to do.

You can find two single bags to zip together for a wider two-person system at a lower overall cost, but then you’ll be sacrificing the excellent features this bag offers. The taffeta fabrics are very silky and ultra-soft but also seem prone to snags and small tears. Additionally, we feel the built-in individual quilts could be a bit wider. However, this double bag is better than other two-person models we’ve tested in the past and currently. The REI Co-op Siesta Hooded 20 is a great hooded option if you’re sleeping single.

Many double bags are simply extra fabric, resulting in little more than a super large sleeping bag. However, the Tru.Comfort offers cuddlers an array of features aimed at providing more of a well-designed sleeping system. Individual, built-in blankets allow sleepers the ability to customize personal warmth preferences. A U-shaped, top-side zipper bypasses the foot box, keeping toes warmer, while a massive hood keeps pillows in place and helps trap heat escaping from the top of the head. These features and other add-ons create one of the best systems we have seen to allow two sleepers independent customization of their temperature. We have stayed nicely warm while sleeping in the cold in this bag.

Day 2 …it was closer to 6 degree and I froze…I had to hike into town, replace the bag. I could have gotten better quality from a teenager’s home ec project and lighter weight. Both the Big Agnes Echo Park 20 and the Coleman All-Weather Multi-Layer are within striking distance of top scores. The Coleman All-Weather shares a similar layering system to the Polara, which makes it very versatile. One of our favorite features is this bag’s massively roomy footbox.

I won’t ever buy an expensive sleeping bag after carrying this cheapo, unless I can find a cheap bag that weighs a lot less. Yes, it received the lowest scores available for this metric. But, thanks to its over-sized duffel, it packs up easier (not faster) than many of the smaller bags we tested.

Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalized tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Our proprietary tech ensures that recalled items are never listed. I think the expensive bags are just marketing and overengineering, unless you are going to the arctic.

You can buy an expensive bag if you think it will make you more hardcore, but I will gladly tell everyone how hardcore you are if you pay me to ozark trail chair do so. I was on a budget so I figured I would go with a less expensive bag. I got in the bag, tried to zip it and the zipper tore immediately.

It’s our favorite hooded bag because it offers more features than the other single-person hooded bags on our list at nearly the same price. It also weighs less, packs up smaller, and is more portable. For six years running, the Coleman Brazos has reigned supreme as our favorite ozark trail sleeping bag low-priced model. We are consistently impressed by this bag’s ability to perform adequately against a long list of competitors despite its simple design and cheaper price tag. When it comes to warmth, the Brazos can hold its own against bags that cost far more.