Genesis V2100 reviews and prices All-Mountain bikes

Rugged hardtail mountain bikes, traditional and modern road bikes, classic commuters, cyclocross, tourers and some specialist machines too. These are Genesis’ entry-level road bikes and are the cheapest in their range. The geometry genesis bike is a little more upright, making for a more comfortable and less twitchy ride. There are mounts for mudguards and a pannier rack, which expands the range of use from just road riding to commuting and even lightweight cycle touring.

Versatility still pervades the frame, with downtube bottle bosses and mounts for a rear rack and mudguards. Although this bike can take on the commuting duties or a bit of cycle-touring, it is more suited to lively riding in the woods and on bridleways. If you’re not comfortable assembling your bike yourself, consider hiring a professional assembly service like National Assemblers. Their team of certified technicians can help ensure your Genesis bike is correctly and safely assembled, ensuring optimal performance and safety. There are, however, a number of points that make this a more versatile bike than the carbon alternative.

A solid steel range and a smattering of aluminium and carbon models brings the brand bang up to date. Like any other mechanical device, your genesis mountain bike needs regular maintenance. This not only ensures a smooth ride but also extends the life of your bike. Routine maintenance includes checking tire pressure and adjusting it according to the type of terrain you’ll be riding on. Regularly cleaning and oiling the chain will keep it functioning smoothly and prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Also, ensure your brakes are working properly and adjust them as needed.

This further increases mud clearance and also adds to the frame’s compliance, providing better control. Definitely not a versatile bike; this is designed with only CX racing in mind and makes no compromises – except for, perhaps, its two sets of bottle bosses. There aren’t mounting points for front or rear pannier racks; strap on bike-packing bags are the weapon of choice here. Some practically remains, with downtube bottle bosses (useful for holding extra water or a tool keg) and discrete mudguard mounts. The frame is fully carbon and the cables are integrated into the frame for a cleaner look and better aerodynamics. The bikes are available either with rim brakes or hydraulic discs, but there is only one spec level with these bikes.

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Tomias Hinchcliff opened the store in 1974 “with two bikes in a tiny storefront in downtown Easton,” he said on the store website. Well thought out geometry, good looks and great handling make the Genesis Core 26.4 stand out as a great bike at a good price. The first thing you notice is that the cockpit is comfortable, it just feels right.

Product PresentationFrom free-ride, long-travel mountain models to fun city bikes, the presentation is a key attractor on the sales floor. These bikes are designed for longer days out being able to handle heavier loads and rougher roads. Some bikes (such as the Fugio) are more oriented towards the rough stuff, whereas others (such as the Croix de Fer) are better suited to carrying loads. In this range there are also women’s specific models – in addition to the unisex ones. With these bikes, the saddles have been changed for a women specific model as well as shorter cranks and narrower handlebars being specced to better suit female proportions. Using high-quality replacement parts ensures your genesis bicycles performs at its best and increases the bike’s lifespan.

Teams that have scored stage and overall victories in the Grand Tours around the world. Not quite mainstream, yet still hugely popular, Genesis Bikes are a British brand loved by steel-aficionados and adventurers alike. We’re experiencing a very high volume of orders during the Pre-Holiday Season. Simply browse our products, select your options and then add the items to your cart to complete the checkout process. The Montane Icemen (Pete Sissons and Paul Cosgrove) underlined the bikes capabilities as they used a pair of Croix de Fers to circumnavigate the 1600-mile coastline of Iceland in 14 days. Genesis bikes became renowned for their use of steel tubing and ethos for function over form.

If there are any issues with your bike, return it for a full refund or receive a replacement bike for free.

We’ve split this guide up into four large sections; road bikes, adventure bikes, cyclocross bikes, and utility bikes, detailing each of the bikes in the range and how they differ from the others. If you’re a dyed in the wool roadie or complete ‘cross-head, you can jump straight to the section that interests you most. The Genesis™ bicycle rack features concentric rings that park bikes safely and securely.