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One of my testers noted, however, that there aren’t enough pockets on the inside to stash the odds and ends that crop up while camping. There are three crisscrossing ozark trail chair poles at the top that form the room of the tent. From there you bend down each end and connect the poles that form the side walls to the floor.

While they did seal up from the inside, water was still able to sneak in through the seams, and the tarp over the top of it didn’t provide enough coverage to protect it. Keep this tent in your arsenal for when you know there will be clear skies on your camping weekend. Once the tent was up, however, it was easy to see that it had all been worth it. Most taller individuals will be able to walk around the interior without needing to crouch. I also liked the shape of this tent, which was more square than others that I looked at. That gives you more flexibility with how you arrange sleeping situations.

They mention that it is very nice, has a great canopy, and the vented top helps in windy conditions. Some say that the frame is perfect and that it comes in a nice carry bag with wheels. That team is also pretty helpful to have when our marketing team needs to explain why a straight leg canopy has more structural integrity than a slant leg canopy.

The Yeti has the most streamlined design of the three coolers, staying true to the original Yeti look and feel. The overall product weight of this cooler is 37lbs empty which is inline with the Pelican, but 7lbs heavier than the Ozark Trail cooler. The Tundra Haul features rubber clasps, which I really like, and hard plastic wheels. Pelican is a newer entry in to the world of rotomolded coolers and have taken their own spin on design and function.

It’s not super heavy because of the soft top, and that also seems to be a main reason for why its price is so reasonable. Based on the high brand reputation and the overall quality of materials, this looks like a trustworthy choice. After pushing the Simple Push ozark trail canopy handle, there are four poles on each corner to support the canopy. It’s easy to put up and you must make sure to always use the tie-downs. This is perfect for camping, the backyard and any outdoor socially-distanced summer events that need a little shade.

With the canopy arranged on the frame and attached at the corners, push the roof framework up the leg poles until the orange locking button clicks for each leg. Once the canopy roof is locked in place at the top of each leg pole, extend the legs until the silver locking button clicks for each leg. You can extend the legs farther by pressing the silver locking button and pulling the leg out to the desired height. Ozark Trail canopy tents can come with a variety of different wall panel configurations, including all netting, all sunscreen and any combination of the two. Common features include one wall with a zipper to allow passage once all walls have been lowered and secured in place, a screen for movie projection and hanging storage shelves. As an American manufacturer of pop-up tents, we’re committed to building structures that can survive in strong wind and inclement weather.

Customers find the portable freestanding shelter easy to set up and take down. They mention that the storage bag goes on pretty easily, and the initial difficulty installing disappeared quickly. It’s advertised as a 10×10 tent, but your canopy is actually 7.8’ x 7.8’, for about 61 square feet of space under the canopy. If canopy coverage is important to you, this is a very good reason to go with a straight-leg option. Yeti has clearly set themselves apart as the biggest player in the cooler space.

The canopy fabric is made of a lightweight denier polyester, offering water resistant features and 50+ UPF, which we love. Being protected from the suns harmful UVB rays is probably why you wanted a canopy tent in the first place, and this Ozark Trail tent meets all criteria in this department. The one complaint we have is that there is no vents in the fabric at the peak to release the build up of hot air under the canopy.

They mention that it is a good size and height, both when packed up and when opened, and that it fits their needs perfectly. Customers are satisfied with the waterproofness of the portable freestanding shelter. They mention that it has a windproof peak, a vented top, and a sturdy frame. The cover is made of nylon with weatherproofing and withstands fairly strong wind without any damage.