Bissell MultiClean Allergen Lift-Off Pet Vacuum Cleaner

The BISSELL has a bagless design and performs better on both low- and high-pile surfaces, where it clears material like baking soda or sand more effectively. However, the Hoover performs better on bare floors and is far easier to maintain, though with similarly high recurring costs. The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus isn’t well-suited for cleaning stairs.

Two is better than one, and this mop and vacuum combo means you don’t have to buy (and store) more than one product to keep your floors squeaky clean. This wet-dry vacuum from Bissell is a popular choice because it can vacuum up dry debris, clean up minor liquid spills and mop your hard floors with no extra attachments. Pet owners will appreciate the included tangle-free brush roll, which helps prevent pet hair from getting caught while cleaning, as well as the pet hair strainer to separate pet hair from other debris. We found that controlling how much water is dispensed onto your floors is easy with the touch of one accessible button on the handle of the device. It has three cleaning modes — hard floor, area rug and turbo — plus a self-cleaning cycle that flushes out any debris left in the vacuum’s brush roll.

Without attachments, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is still a dependable vacuum. It had no problem picking up stray debris from my hardwood floors in high-traffic spots like the litter box and food/water bowl areas. The suction wasn’t quite strong enough to get all the litter out of the mat I keep outside the litter box, but it did a respectable job sucking up the litter that wasn’t trapped in the deeper layers. This vacuum does a great job of handling pet hair on furniture with its Pet TurboEraser tool. It’s a little awkward to use in this configuration, but aside from a few remaining short strands, it’s quite effective for this kind of task.

The rug had been banished to the basement five years prior, with the intention of calling in a pro. I used the Bissell Pet Spot & Stain cleaner in the Little Green machine and even treated the stains a second time 48 hours later. The detergent certainly freshened and brightened the rug, but the stains were stubborn.

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It tells you when to replace filters and brushes, and with the included remote control, you can send it back to places it may have missed. While Roborock’s obstacle-detection system is far from perfect, the Q5 avoided hurdles more effectively than most other robot vacuums we tested. It’s also one of the quietest robots we’ve tried, which skittish pets will appreciate. It’s important to select a vacuum designed to work on the surfaces where pet hair generally collects in your home. Schulz agrees, adding, “If you have rugs, for example, opt for a vacuum that has a carpet attachment or that automatically detects surfaces and changes settings accordingly.

The Bissell vacuum has a swivel head that enables me to pick up debris from hard-to-reach spots, and if it’s too tight of a squeeze, I simply pull out the attachments. On hard floors, the CleanView Pet Slim was just as competent at collecting dust. However, the weight of the vacuum cleaner meant that some nuggets of cereal were crushed by the cleaner’s wheels as we maneuvered it bissell pet vacuum around the floor, meaning we were creating more mess than we were collecting. Another plus for the CleanView Swivel Pet is that it has a pretty decent attachment set that you would typically not see with an upright in this price range. Worth emphasizing is that Bissell included a powered handheld tool that is intended for upholstery or removing stubborn pet hair from furniture.

Our next metric assessed cleaning up various messes from hard floors, with a section of laminate serving as our test surface. Unfortunately, the performance of this product dropped a bit here. It struggled with medium-sized debris, delivering lackluster results when cleaning rice or oats. It did a little better with fine or larger items, successfully cleaning more of the Cheerios and the flour we tasked it with, but it was still far from the top-tier vacuums when it comes to cleaning power. We started our testing process by comparing and assessing how well each vacuum cleaned up different sorts of messes from both low-pile and medium-pile carpets.