Ozark Trail 20 x 10 Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent, Sleeps 12, 45 72 lbs

Keep yourself organized and connected with the four pockets and electrical port access. The Kelty Wireless 6 is a spacious tent that is easy to pitch, and it offers solid ozark trail shower tent weather protection and durability for a reasonable price. Like the Mineral King 3, it has a simple, dome-style design that maximizes livability and minimize headaches.

ozark trail instant cabin

The T4 Hub is our favorite instant shelter because it’s stable, weatherproof, and full of conveniences. The best thing about this shelter is that it’s completely self-contained so that you can say goodbye to bundles of bungee-connected aluminum poles — no more assembling, crisscrossing, bending, or clipping. Instead, to set up the T4, plop it on the ground, pull on each of the four sidewall handles until the wall pops into place, and then lock in the rooftop with a push.

It performs better in wind and rain and scores just behind the Wawona, albeit with a lower space and comfort score. The Toogh 3-4 Person Instant Tent is super simple to set up. All you have to do is lift up the top of the tent and then press the end of the poles to automatically lock everything into place. It can be done in about a minute or two and is convenient when you roll up to a campsite, especially in the dark.

Just remember not to ask your kids to take the fly off, as the locking mechanism requires some serious force to get out. It begs the question, how useful is the tent for a small group? Will it fit two dogs and a friend or three and still be comfortable? Though some of these aspects fall under other categories, we felt it was important to our readers to look at them again but with this viewpoint in mind. Several other tents scored among the best in the weather resistance category.

We were skeptical about the vestibule’s ability to handle wind, since it’s big and supported by a single pole, but it stood fast in 30 mph oceanside gusts and 15 mph hilltop winds. That mesh also keeps the tent feeling airy and cool in hot climates. Measuring 10 by 10 feet, the Sundome covers an area larger than that of our family-tent ozark trail canopy tent top pick though its lower roof leaves it with less headroom. But it’s one of the least expensive tents we found that had no significant drawbacks and will truly cover your bases for three-season camping. The tent also comes with its own footprint, a groundsheet that protects the tent from abrasion, which we recommend that you have.

We love this tent’s removable floor, two large doors, eight massive windows, and seven humongous storage pouches. It packs tons of space and features into a functional, good-looking design. Most instant tents are so easy to set up that you don’t need an instruction manual. They have pre-attached poles, an integrated pole system, or at least poles that are easy to install. Most rainflys, if they aren’t already attached, should also be fairly simple to install. If you can’t put your instant tent up in a few minutes, its design is flawed—or you didn’t buy an instant tent.

Case in point, the Kelty Tallboy 4 will save you money but it also scores lower in every test. Adults as tall as 6-foot-3 can move about this tent standing upright. With a 44-square-foot vestibule, and 86 square feet of interior living space, the tent has plenty of room to house beds, cribs, gear, pets, and camping furniture.