Kent 20 In Torpedo Kids Ebike Electric Bike slightly used Local Pickup Only

To combat some of the weight issues and to beef up the ruggedness of my bike, I added higher-end front forks and installed new “run flat” tubes. Second, at $500 and with free shipping, these bikes are about half the price of every other similar brand. Reviews often mentioned bad batteries, broken bike parts, or other annoying setbacks. Because of this, having a 90-day return policy was extremely important for peace of mind. “As long as you’re within that area and if not then let’s say you’re a block away, you just walk to the nearest spot,” said Jim Kraus, the senior assistant director for the department of recreational services.

To see how much fun the Kent Torpedo e-bike is, check out my video review below! kent electric bike Then keep reading for my complete thoughts and testing (yes, I rode it too!).

I run a business myself and admire good salesmanship , coupled with great backup service and advice, Marcus is defiantly on too a winner. Kent State University partners with SPIN to provide shared eBikes and eScooters that are available on campus and within the City of kent hybrid bike Kent for use by students, faculty, staff, and the community. Riding an eBike or an eScooter is a fast, easy way to get from class to class, run errands, and even a short commute. They are a great option for students, employees, and visitors to Kent State University.

Making trips to downtown Kent will be more accessible for students– as well as trips to grocery stores and other shopping locations within SPIN’s GeoZone. Within the zone, there are a few no-riding zones, however, those areas are either parking lots or places with high traffic. Click below to consent to the above or make granular choices.

If they can swing it, I 100% recommend grabbing a second battery. It’s about the size of a small water bottle and easy to stick in your bag when the family goes on a ride. It can help your kids ride even longer, extending that family Sunday ride even further than 15 miles (25 km). My 7-year-old nephew struggles to touch the ground while my nearly 9-year-old nephew fits on the bike easily.

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We are here to help and give you impartial advice on all matters related to electric bikes in Hastings. Our mission is to power your adventure and make the incredible benefits of owning an electric bike accessible to all. We offer a rental service with a bespoke nationwide drop-off and collection service. Aftersurfing the net and reading all the reviews the Freego brand kept coming out on top of many “best sellers” and “best buys”,Freego have several bikes in their range to suit everyone’s need and budget. I found one such supplier , and gave them a call, the chap I spoke to , Marcus, could not have been more helpful. From giving me a good price to loaning me a e-bike to delivering to my doorstep….and even a follow up service two months after delivery.